Trade secrets – Shepherd’s Pie

Our Shepherd’s Pie is going down a treat and a lot of people are asking us how we make it. We couldn’t possibly release the full recipe but here are a few aspects of it that certainly contribute to its great taste.

  1. We start with great ingredients. For us this means local, traceable and high quality. And with lamb that’s easy as we also run Willowford Farm and produce our own prime lamb.
  2. Then we bake the minced lamb to really dry it out and render a good bit of the fat off it. This means the lean mince really sucks up all the great flavours of the sauce when the two are cooked together – earthy onions, sweet carrots, tangy tomato, rich red wine and fragrant herbs.
  3. This is then topped with buttery mash and baked to perfection.

The result is an extremely satisfying and familiar pie but with really fabulous and refined flavours.


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